G.D. MEMORIAL YONKERS’ ENGLISH SCHOOL GOMATI NAGAR, LALGANJ, AZAMGARGH Student Council Elections were conducted on 10th August 2019 (Saturday) through Ballot Paper. The following members elected- Post Name of the Student- Head Boy- Master Ayush Singh (Class-IX-A), Dy. Head Boy- Master Ayush Mishra (Class-IX-A), Head Girl- Miss. Ayushee Mishra (Class-IX-A), Dy. Head Girl- Miss. Swarnima Rai (Class-IX-A), Cultural Captain- Miss. Shraddha Shrivastava (Class-IX-A), Sports Captain- Master Ayush Saroj (Class-XI-C), Dy. Sports Captain- Master Alok Yadav (Class-IX-B), Discipline Captain- Master Akash Mishra (Class-IX-A), Principal


We enable children to 'Learn for Life' ! Our prime responsibility is to nurture a child's basic instincts in such a way that he/she grows into a person with a life-long intellectual quest; making him/ her physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually strong enough; so that he/ she can easily lead his/her life in a responsible and fulfilling way !  Read more...


We motivate our students and develop them into dedicated and skilled leaders at every level - equipping them much to elevate and achieve across ranks, classrooms, schools, places, nations and orders.

GDMYES Institutional Values We are a young and dynamic institution, with noble human ideals, delivering world-class services in education, which not only meet but also exceed expectations. We are driven by the best ethos, having a core purpose of propagating highest of the social, moral and ethical values and strive inculcating the same in our forthcoming young generations. Read More 

GDMYES Institutional Excellence We are not only people-oriented, but also performance-driven and results-oriented organization. We choose best of the minds of today to groom best of minds of tomorrow. Our teaching and training teams constitute of highly qualified and learned people who are not only student-oriented but also excellence-oriented. Read More 

GDMYES Institutional Instruction We aim for highest standards in education and impart our students with valuable knowledge and skills that equips them with worthwhile life-skills and soft-skills. We teach our students with much enthusiasm and responsibility, to translate their individual success into the greater common good of society and mankind. Read More 

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We are a ‘world of opportunities’! Young talents find their way out in the world after being groomed by us. Take a quick look at our service offerings, curricular programs and co-curricular performances here…

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GDM-YES has always been a warm and welcoming place to all its visitors who came here for education or enlightenment. We keep inviting distinguished members of society and highly successful people from national and international forums to address and motivate our students, from time to time.
Many International and/ or National Leaders, Mentors, Educationists, Authors, Awardees, Social Activists, Sports persons, Celebrities, Political persons, Government Officials, Bureaucrats, Freedom-fighters, Professionals, Doctors, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, and Counselors have visited our school, till date! It has been an honor for us to have an unrelenting appreciation and unflinching support from such venerable persons, towards our educational endeavors and events.We also cordially invite you to visit us and help us with your constructive feedback!

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Students’ Performance GDM-YES always leads in results with cent-percent of its students delivering high performance not only in curricular exams but also in co-curricular competitions! Our students keep performing better than expectations, reason being our high quality educational of input process. We not only hone the mental & physical capabilities of our students but also help them derive benefits of acumen, brilliance, intelligence and wisdom in life.


School Communication & Community Participation GDM-YES ensures all-round development of its members by ensuring right guidance at right time by right people. School not only informs but also solicits all its stake-holders to regularly communicate, heartily cooperate and fully contribute in transforming GDM-YES into a ‘global school of vision’ with world-class amenities.


Educational Delivery & Quality Service GDMYES always strives to give its people best experience in education sector, by ensuring zero-deviation in its uniform service-offerings and school general provisions. We tend to create value in education with approximately 100% error-free service-delivery to our students & their parents or guardians ensuring their complete satisfaction and enlisting their high recommendations for ourselves !

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