Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s),

Karmanyevaadhikaaraste Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana |
Ma Karmaphalaheturbooh Maa tey Sangosthvakamani ||

"Your right is to work only, but never to the fruits thereof. Be not instrumental in making your actions bear fruits, nor let your attachment be to inaction." -Shrimad Bhagvad Gita

At the onset, I would like to extend my earnest gratitude to all , who have shown their keen interest in our institution's growth & development and wish to journey even forward with us. Moreover, I would also like to welcome the Parents and Guardians, who are looking forward to place their children in our guidance, from now on.
It has always been a matter of immense pride and satisfaction to us, of having established a first-of-its-kind English Medium School in Lalganj region. We started as a Play-school in 2009 and have grown to a commendable state now, with development of new infrastructure, more classrooms and adoption of latest teaching methods / aids for all our students - from Play-Group to Class XII. With years of toil and perseverance,we have made progressive strides in attaining and maintaining highest quality standards in all our services and deliveries. With concerted efforts of all GDM-YES members, we've tried our level-best in taking our institution to a height, from were we can mark ourselves as among the 'Best Providers of Quality Education to Yonkers' in the city. We can now humbly say that GDM-YES possesses not only the best of the fertile brains being taught here, but also the best of the teachers and faculties teaching them, in best of the infrastructure and environment. We wish to carry on this even further with your cooperation ! Hence, I solicit your personal visit to our school campus, to have a look on what we really have to offer to your child ! Come, see and then decide for a destination for your child's education and bright future !
Looking forward to welcome one & all !
Willing to meet you !

Mr. Umesh Singh
(Managing Director, GDM-YES & Director, District Cooperative Bank, Azamgarh)