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School Activities & Achievements

Curricular Activities:

Our curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Medium of instruction is English. It includes Subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Computer Science, Moral Science, Sanskrit, Arts & Craft, Games, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Environmental Education.

However, we believe firmly that education does not come with textbooks rather we have to fine- tune young minds to grow a natural inquisitiveness towards enquiry, research, logical-thinking and conclusion so as to heighten their spirit of true knowledge-seeking venture.

We provide extra care and attention to weaker students.

Extra Curricular Activities

We encourage our students to take part in various co- Curricular activities, so as to hone their creative abilities and other soft-skills too. We organize Cultural Programmes on National Days like 26th January, 15th August, and 2nd October as well as on Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. We celebrate our Foundation-Day on 14th May every year. The ‘Annual Sports Day’ is organized on 14th November each year.

We also appreciate our students in enjoying festivals like Holi, Diwali, Id, Rakshabandhan, Chirstmas, etc.; so, as to breed the feeling of unity and brotherhood among them. Quizzes and Elocutions are organized in Classes. Rangoli, Mehndi, Drawing & Crafts Competitions are also organized from time to time.

We also put our students into physical exercises like PT, YOGA, Sports, etc. to keep them fit. We also take our students to Educational Tours/ Excursions to Historically and Culturally important Destinations like Varanasi, Allahabad, etc.

We arrange intra-school students’ activities under Four House Systems- viz. RED, GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW House. We also encourage our Students to take part in various Interschool Competitions.

Matbar Singh Sarthak Shiksha Scholarship (MS4)

This Scholarship Scheme has been instituted in name of Late Matbar Singh (1936-2010), the Founding-father of G.D. Memorial Yonkers’ English School. He was a pious gentleman with keen interest in books and scriptures. He devoted his maximum time in study of different philosophies. He was person of saintly demeanor with innate character of wisdom, honesty & hard-work. He was a true human-being with compassion towards all and compliance to all morality. He wanted to preach truths of Human-life that he studied and researched in his life of solitary meditations. His dream was carried forward by his eldest son- Mr. Suresh Singh & daughter-in-law - Mrs. Kusum Singh, in form of a Social-Initiative of launching ‘G.D. Memorial Group of Institutions’.

MS4 is a Social-Responsibility Initiative of GDM-YES.

It is a Merit-cum-Means Scholarship provided to Meritorious Students each year (Top 3 Students from each Class ) those who score highest in a General Aptitude Exam conducted by GDSSS Trust.

Every year exam is conducted in December while results are announced in March-April. Three students from each class (I to XII) stand to garner scholarships worth INR 1500/-, INR 1200/- and INR 800/- P.A. for their exemplary performance in their Individual General Knowledge Test (IGKT). This Scholarship-test gives every student a fair and equitable chance to show his talent in Learning and help finance his studies by himself/herself. This venture has proved much significant in boosting children’s morale, confidence and competitiveness.