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Rules & Regulations

School Decorum:

1. Our School Timings are 7:30 am to 1:30 pm in summers while 8:30 am to 2:30 pm in winters. All students are expected to reach school before Assembly-Congregation at 8:00/9:00 am respectively.

2.Attendance in school is compulsory on the opening day of each term.

3.Irregular attendance, unjustified absence for long or objectionable moral behavior justify dismissal. If a student is absent for three consecutive days in a term without an application his/her name may be struck off the rolls.

4. All the absentees from school must bring with them a leave application from the parent/guardian.

5. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be produced within three days of absence.

Expected from Students:

1. Students should obey their Parents, Teachers and elders with all regard and respect.

2. All students are required to abide by rules & regulations of school to maintain dignity and integrity of themselves, their school, their teachers as well as their parents

3. Students should follow whatever they are taught in class and help their fellow-mates too.

4.Students should also take care of their personal belongings to avoid loss by theft.

5.All the students are expected to line up in silence for the assembly and should disperse in silence to their classes.

6.Proper discipline must be maintained in between periods.

7.Students will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours.

8.No books, other than the required text books should be brought to school.

9.Any damage to school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount will be final.

10.The school will not be responsible for any loss of books, money, clothes, bicycles etc. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles to the school.

11.He/She must communicate with the teacher, friends and others in English which is the medium of instruction. A satisfactory conduct is necessary for a child to be considered for promotion to the next class.

12.Student must come to school with the lessons well prepared and the homework completed.

13.Running, playing and shouting inside the school premises is not allowed.

School Dress:

1. Our School Dress Code is White Shirt/Orange Tshirts, Carbon Blue Pants/Trousers (for Boys) and Carbon Blue Tunics/ Skirts (for Girls), Striped Tie & Belt, Navy Blue Socks, Black Shoes and White Hanker-chiefs.

2. White Pants/ Skirts in Dress are meant for Activity/PT/Sports Days.

3. Winter Uniform consists of Maroon Blazers/ Pullovers, Dark Blue Stockings/ Slex/ Leg-ins and Maroon Mufflers/Scarps too.

4.No additional accessories/ wear-ables are allowed for Boys/ Girls like Casual Clothes, Caps, Head-Gears, Hand-bands, Nose-pins, Bracelets/Anklets, etc apart from prescribed dress-code.

5.Boys are advised to keep their hair short while Girls are encouraged to keep hair tied neatly in two-plaits or tied by bands.

6.All the students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. They are expected to come in uniform every day.

Expected from Parents/Guardians:

1. Parents are advised to send their ward(s) neat & clean, in proper uniforms; with all Text-books and Note-books in their Bags according to the Weekly Time-Table; and help them reach School timely.

2. Parents are advised to give students only home-cooked food in Lunch-boxes and clean drinking water in Water-Bottles. Kids should not be given money, etc. or should be encouraged to buy and eat outside/ junk food.

3. Parents are advised to regularly check the Diaries of their wards for HW/ Notices/ Updates/ Remarks from Teachers/ School and also actively enjoin in Parents-Teachers' Meetings held in School from time –to-time, to be aware of their wards' progress.

4. Parents are requested to make all Fees-related Payments timely, to avoid any hassle/ Late Fees-Fines. Kindly avoid sending money with your Child and try making regular payments (Tuition Fees, Transport Fees, Computer/Science Lab Fees, Exam Fees, etc.) by personally visiting the Fees-counter in Office Hours only. Also, never forget to collect and retain the duly signed 'Fees-Receipt' from the School for your further records.