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About Us

An Introduction

GDM-YES was established in year 2009, in the fond memory of Late Mrs. Gomati Devi (1940-1980), our ‘Lady of Vision' who very soon in her life, recognized the value of education, honesty & hard work in one's life & character! She considered them essential for one's success and well-being. She instilled these values in her children too, apart from insisting everyone in her circle to help & support young pupils in pursuing quality higher education, so that they may enrich themselves by fetching knowledge and emancipating their lives by using it aptly.

GDM-YES is run under the aegis of Gomati Devi Smriti Shakcharik Samiti (GDSSS Trust), Lalganj, Azamgarh.

Every year 14th May is celebrated as GDM-YES Foundation Day (since 2009) as the 'Unison of Visionaries' Day'!.

We're a Co-educational English Medium School, based on CBSE pattern, for Students from Play-Group/ Nursery to Kinder-Garten as well as Class I to XII.

We have a lush-green school campus spread in an area of 100,000 sq.fts. in Gomati Nagar, (on the way to Tarwan -0.5 Km from Lalganj Market) in Lalganj, Azamgarh.

Our Strength lies in our 'Simple Philosophies of Work and Life'. We feel - 'Education is the biggest treasure that seldom gets deteriorated, lost or stolen.

Our Assets - are 'Our People'. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified and efficient Teachers and other Staff Members with a focused Top Management Support. Currently, we have a large number of students base, along with 65+ Teaching and 35+ Non-Teaching Staff.

We owe our students - the same comfort and security as that like of a 'Second-Home'. Our main motive is an all-round development of our students, so we use innovative techniques of teaching as to make learning a fun.

Aims & Philosophies

We enable children to 'Learn for Life'.

Our prime responsibility is to nurture a child's basic instincts in such a way that he grows into a person, with a life-long intellectual quest altogether; making him physically, mentally, morally and spiritually strong enough; so that he can easily lead his life in a socially responsible way.

We provide each student with greatest possible attention in a disciplined environment with cues to learn and grow faster.

We enable child realize his inner potential, growing much consideration and regard to his prompting talent.

We enable child to relate to his environment, society and culture in a better manner.

We help each individual to find something at which he can excel in, thereby helping him develop his self-esteem and natural talent.

Our Vision

To foster an environment of Knowledge and Education incorporated with Human-Values so as to develop a class of Socially-informed and Responsible Citizens.

Our Mission

To provide students with a preferential learning environment in all aspects, in order to exact Higher Education by kindling their inner desire for all-round Learning and Development.